Video Marketing

Creating an intro For your videos/facebook Cover page


You can briefly show how your product or service works rather than explaining through lengthy text, which can become confusing. An intro video will quickly get your message across without boring your audience.

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Creating an outro For your videos


If you’re posing a video on any social media platform don’t just end your video after your ‘realending.’ This is the part of the video where you have finally closed with the point you left your viewers with.

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Adding music to Your video


Assuming you are sold on the idea of using business video for promoting your business,Now you can make the most of it just by adding the background music. Music is a natural timekeeper for the listener. Having a consistent rhythm helps to give your content

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Adding a Lower Third to Your Video


It's very important to build context on every videos. All videos need to get relate with you and your company. Virtual will build better content retention and association for users. Lower third provide users extra attention.

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Adding Transcribing text to the bottom of your video


Transcription has been with us for a long time. With the rise of online video, it’s surprising there aren’t more conversations on the benefits of transcription. If a video is transcribed or captioned, Google bots can read the transcriptions and know exactly what content

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Adding video meme copy to a video

In a time when many consumers skip ads whenever they can, marketing with humor and familiar media can engage hard-to-reach consumers. No one want to watch simple video even if it's useful. So, It's important to make the video more interesting. Adding memes to the video really

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Creating a logo intro video


Now a Days we see a several companies come up with the attractive logo and in this competitive market when people see your company logo, it can be skip from their mind at any time unless your logo is more attractive and memorable. Logo intro video helps to build.

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Create a professional listing video

You can't everyone to visit your active listing, but if you have one professional Listing video. Interested lead can go through with video and get in touch with you through call to action at the end of the video

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Create cinemagraph video


Sometime we need to grab users attention to the particular area or product. If you create a static image, Users might not give attention to the that particular area or product. So, to make this happen you need.

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Rank your listing video on you tube To come up on search

Uploading a video is not enough to get views on YouTube unless you are a big on YouTube. If you are new on you tube and don't know the algorithm, You won't be appear on You Tube. So, Ranking helps to get more

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