Facebook Paid

Create Facebook Community Page for Ads:

Unlike TV or radio on Facebook you can target only the “prime” leads. Just like Official Pages for businesses, organizations and public figures, Community Pages let you connect with others who share similar interests and experiences.

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Get Likes to this Page:

The Like quickly became the crucial currency of The Social Network - people became addicted to Likes as a form of social proof, a sign of your popularity and importance. And when brands started to flood the network in response to its growing user base, Likes also became a key element for business.

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Add Local Content to this Page:

Engagement on a Facebook post happens when the post makes a sufficient impact on people that they feel compelled to respond. Regular moments of impact and emotional involvement with a target audience are obviously at the heart of successful social media marketing.

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Create Real Estate Listing Ad and Optimize it:

Most of buyers have a lot of pre-conceived notions about what a property listing is supposed to look like. They've all browsed through plenty of other listings before and They've subconsciously told themselves, “Well… I guess that’s what my listing is supposed to look like too".

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Create List Ad and Optimize it:


Everyone from Real Estate industry is creating Facebook ads for their listing. To skip useless leads we need to optimize the ad after creation. Facebook algorithm and audience will believe more if you optimized them well.

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Create for Sale by Owner Listings Ad and Optimize it:

We all knows the power of the Facebook and audience available for you in it. When you have perfect targeting for your Ad, you will get better results. Virtuals will do this for you.

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Connecting Ad to your Email, Text and into your CRM if possible:

Think about if your lead put their info to ad and you get it from one text at the same time.Thereafter, your CRM will start the Follow-up  with the leads. This all will done by your virtual.

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List Of Ads:

Ads can be used to accomplish a number of different goals for your business. Here are a List of real ads for you with your different motives. Ask for an ad that targets the same goal.

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Create an Email Parser for your leads (Zillow, Trulia and others)to save on your CRM

There are numerous channels (Zillow, Facebook, Google and other) Generating leads. An email parser, together with a webhook, is a great way to improve your workflow for entering leads into your CRM or marketing automation tool. A virtual will drag the lead to one application to another application (your CRM, etc.) in real time.

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