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Connecting Ad to Email, Text and With Your CRM If Possible

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Connecting Ad with Email and Text !

Here we connect your ad with your notify platforms like email, text and with your CRM if possible. So, If any lead comes you will get notified.


Benefits of Connecting Your Email and Text to Your Ad !


More Interested Buyers :

The people who have explicitly signed up for your mailing list have already made it clear that they want to hear from you. That is a huge advantage over other lead generation methods.


Instant Notification :

Connecting your ads with emails and text gives you instant notification which allow you to react immediately, And you won't miss any notification regarding to your listing.


Learn From Email and Text :

With your email and text set-up, There is probably only so much you can learn from the messages that you deliver. With an email ad text, you will get access to all sorts of valuable data that will clearly show you how specific ads perform. This information will allow you to create even better ads in the future. Which means more money in your pocket.