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Add Local Content to this Page

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What is Local Content ?

Local content is a very underutilized type of content that you can add to your content marketing repertoire. Local content can be informative blog posts, infographics, videos, guides, or any type of content that targets an individual location.

Why it's Important for Your Page?


Re-targeting With Facebook :

Re-targeting is a method of advertising to people who have already been exposed to your brand. It is usually cheaper because the conversions rates on individuals familiar with your brand are typically higher than a cold audience. Here’s how you would use re-targeting in conjunction with your Local Content.

Growing Your Buisness :

Local Content marketing is important in growing your business’s online presence. When done correctly, it can increase brand awareness, advocacy, and lead to more leads. Producing creative content ideas on a consistent basis is a difficult undertaking, but not impossible.

Collect Users Reviews :

Here you have the opportunity to collect reviews from your customers.You can't explicitly make your customers visit your business page and leave a review, you can encourage them to do so with the help of giveaways and other prompts.